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  THE WTO MINISTERIAL MEET 2022: DEVELOPING COUNTRIES' VOICES UNHEARD The four-day Ministerial Conference started at WTO headquarters in GENEVA Switzerland on Sunday 12th June 2022.  This type of meeting is held every four-year to find some consensus among the various trading member countries.  Negotiators from 162 nations sought to have convergence  on a range of issues including WTO’s response to future pandemics and an IP waiver for vaccines, fisheries subsidies, WTO reforms, agriculture, food security, and e-commerce . India's Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal was the man in the spotlight at the WTO's 12th gathering of trade ministers (MC12). In order to have concessions on different issues, the meet was extended for one more day, that is, Thursday16th June. Everybody at the conference was hopeful that some positivity on issues will emerge at the end of the 5th extended day. FISHING SUBSIDIES & NON-SPECIFIC FUEL SUBSCIDIES: INDIA and many other countries


 ARTICLES INVITED FOR JULY- SEPTEMBER 2022 ISSUE Articles are invited for July-September 2022, Volume 24, Issue 96.  Please choose your themes from  the following and submit them: 1. NBFCs, HFCs, FIN-TECHs, and now DIGITAL BANKING: Are the banks on the cusp of a revolution in lending? 2. Key Policy Rate Hikes and Inflation Worries in India. 3. Population dividend and high growth of unemployment are contradictory to each other.  These must be balanced.  India needs a program of strong, sustainable, and equitable growth, that brings together all minorities, including women and Muslims, into the fold and takes them along. 4. The 4-year AGNIPATH for AGNIVEERS-Pros & Cons. 5. The 5-G Spectrum Auction: Likely to see a muted bidding.  6. Issues raised at WTO Ministerial meet 2022 in Geneva. 7. If the STAGFLATION is to become prominent globally it has to start essentially from the USA. A rticles may be mailed to us at latest by 31 July 2022. First come first se


                                                    THE APRIL-JUNE 2022 ISSUE        Passenger car sales in India are in top gear in the H1 Quarter of 2022.  This is a good omen for the entire industry. A record sales of 1.8 million units despite component shortages and high inflation augurs well in the face of demand for personal mobility driven remaining strong.  Automakers are sitting on a heap of orders between 7 - 8 lacs units.  In the next few months too we will continue to see this kind of high demand. Midsize and premium vehicles are driving much of the sales rather than entry-level cars. The publishing industry is languishing because of an uncontrollable rise in the cost of paper and other inputs. Undeterred by these stumbling blocks Economic Challenger has brought forward its new issue with renewed vigor.