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India is attempting fast for creating a local manufacturing base for the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles. The country should not miss the Bus. Electric as a fuel is very cheap, pollution-free and the manufacturing cost will be competitive once the scale increases. Along with 'Make in India' the country will become the manufacturing hub for the electric automobiles. This is difficult but not impossible. Nitin Gadkari.

Economic Challenger is also attempting to bring new developments happening in the Indian economy. The latest Issue OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2019 has brought many research articles giving a new direction to the research efforts of the research fraternity. The CONTENTS are being given here for a cursory look :
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The Government has raised minimum support price (MSP) for Kharip crops which is in line with giving farmers 1.5 times the cost of production. Besides a New Labor Code that allows minimum wages to be paid by cheque or bank transfers to workers of both organized and unorganized sectors and leasing out of Lucknow, Ahmedabad and Mangalore Airports to Adani Enterprise are the major decisions taken by the Cabinet. Monsoon is late this time and advancing at a slow pace and most likely that rains will be deficient in many states. The economy is facing a slowdown in many sectors to which Government is well aware and the coming Budget 2019-20 will incentivize the industries to increase output.

In the backdrop of these events, the July-September 2019  issue has brought forward various research articles in its contents. It will help the upcoming researchers to enlighten them the new issues emerging in the prospective research.


The Central Bank, on 4 April 2019, in its first bi-monthly policy review for the financial year 2019-20 has slashed the policy rate by 0.25 percent to 6% for the second time in a row.  More room for rate cuts was denied immediately in the face of impending General Elections from April 11 to May 18.

The output gap remains negative and the domestic economy is facing headwinds especially on the global front. The need is to strengthen domestic growth impulses by spurring private investment which has remained sluggish. The resolution of the bad loans will be an immediate concern for the RBI to issue revised directives to its member banks.

Fitch Ratings has rated  Indian Economy at BBB- showing lowest investment grade rating which has remained unchanged for the last 13 years. Election campaign promises to support farmers'incomes including direct cash transfers and farm loan waivers will add to spending measures in FY 2019-20. Next government is likely to have a smaller majority in the …


The year 2019 will be a challenging year for the Indian Economy as General Elections are to be held in April this year. This will impact development work in the country and stock markets will see a lot of fluctuations due to Fed decisions over interest rates in the United States which will have worldwide repercussions including India. Increasing outflows of foreign funds may influence exchange rates very badly and Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments may go awry.

Economic Challenger is doing its best to cover important events through various research articles and opinions. The content list presented hereunder brings many topics in thelimelight.