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APRIL-JUNE 2023 Economic Challenger

 APRIL-JUNE 2023 Economic Challenger Proud to present the following. Your comments will strengthen our effort.
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  JANUARY-MARCH 2023 ISSUE Emphasizing Green Growth as the New Age Reform, India has   invited global leaders to tap this potential in India and invest more and more in this field. Renewable Energy, green fuels , use of waterways, and measures like scrapping of old vehicles are the major thrust areas.  There are three pillars for green growth and energy transmission. Increase the production of renewable energy, reduce the use of fossil fuel, and finally move rapidly towards a gas-based economy in the country. India has to be a leader in the global green energy market and every stakeholder in the energy market must invest in India. Researchers across the globe  are tapping more and more research themes touching interests in economic development  useful for the  coming generations. We welcome articles based on such themes in the upcoming issues :


  ECONOMIC CHALLENGER ISSUE OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2022 The Indian Stock Market BSE index Sensex registered an all-time high of 62412.33 intraday and closed at 62272.68 up 762.10 points or 1.24 % on 24 November 2022. This shows that all the pain points of an imminent recession are no more visible at present. Lower crude oil prices will give a boost to corporate earnings which bodes well for the Indian economy. Markets are slowly rising but steadily. This would attract more foreign funds inflow into the Indian equity market. The economic Challenger in its recent issue has presented several research topics reflecting an all-around acceleration in the Indian economy. A brief look at the topics will certainly gain your attention to read the issue thoroughly.


                                              EDITORIAL OCTOBER  2022 ISSUE                              IMPOSE COST ON COUNTRIES AIDING TERROR India's message to the world on terrorism  is crystal clear. Be it any country - Pakistan, China, or Afghanistan.    Pakistan-based terror groups have been  involved in several terrorist attacks in India.  China continues to block India's efforts to designate Pakistan-based militants as terrorists at the United Nations. Afghanistan is in the grip of the government being run by terrorist groups. Money made from drugs and smuggling is being pumped into terrorism in destabilizing governments in other countries in the name of Islamic Jihad. "All terrorist attacks deserve equal outrage and action. There is no place for an ambiguous approach while dealing with the global threat. It is an attack on humanity, freedom, and civilization. It knows no boundaries. Only a uniform, unified and zero-tolerance approach can defeat terrorism," s


 GOVERNMENT LAUNCHES NEW NATIONAL LOGISTIC POLICY 2022 Prime Minister Modi, on his 72nd birthday , launched t he New National Logistics Policy(NLP) on 21st September 2022.  According to  Piyush Goyal , minister of commerce and industry, the National logistics policy 2022’s primary goal is to encourage the free flow of commodities and raise the competitiveness of the sector throughout the country. Process re-engineering, digitization, and multi-modal transportation will be some of the primary areas of emphasis.  The new policy has not come out of the blue but there are eight years of hard work behind it.  T o ensure quick last-mile delivery, end transport-related challenges, save time and money for the manufacturers, and prevent wastage of the agro-products, concerted efforts were made and one of the manifestations of those efforts is the new National Logistics  Policy.  AIMS OF THE POLICY 1. The primary areas of the National Logistics policy would be process re-engineering, digitizati


 JULY-SEPTEMBER 2022 ISSUE The Indian economy has cloaked 13.5% growth in Q1(Ap-Jun 2022) which is the fastest in a year. The fiscal deficit at 20.5% of the FY23 target is satisfactory. Our economy is the fifth biggest economy in the world in 2022-23 at  854.7 billion dollars leaving Britain in the sixth position. Although Moody's Investor Service has once again lowered India's calendar 2022 growth forecast to 7.7% from 8.8% due to rising interest rates, uneven monsoon, and slowing global growth. The economy is quite resilient and we expect it to lead the world in 2026-2030.  Economic Challenger has in its July-September issue covered various research topics highlighting different dimensions of the growing economy.


                                     ARTICLES INVITED FOR OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2022 ISSUE Articles are invited for October-December 2022, Volume 25, Issue 97.  Please choose your themes from  the following and submit them: 1. FED rate changes and fear of Global recession; Emerging economies including India will be adversely impacted. The US Federal Reserve Chairperson Jerome Powell speaking at the Jackson Hole symposium indicated his intent that the FED would raise rates as high as needed to restrict growth and keep down inflation running well above its 2% target. This has shaken most equity and bond markets around the world. 2. Moonlighting: can it be welcome in the IT sector? The IT sector has been facing unprecedented levels of attrition which is nearly 30% of the working staff. Moonlighting is a practice that. developed after the pandemic when employees were allowed to work from home. Here employees should be open to pursuing more than one job at a time. Most IT companies have efficien