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Glad to connect with you as Economic Challenger - a journal on economics covering global issues focusing on India. We are inviting articles on the annual budget presented by Indian Finance Minister recently.  Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has probably presented the boldest BUDGET of her time. She has opened up a Government Spending tap to revive the Indian Economy. Here are some highlights and triggers for topics you may like to choose: 1. Big fiscal stimulus to support demand and economic recovery. 2. A push to INFRASTRUCTURE to help revive investment. 3. Reform push to Banking & Insurance 4. The PLI Scheme to attract global manufacturing in over 13 sectors 5.Comprehensive HEALTH  CARE SUPPORT in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic 6. 20% spending on education 7. ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT- doubling farmers' income, strong infrastructure, good governance, opportunities for youth, education for all, women empowerment, and emphasis on inclusive development 8. STARTUP ECOSYSTEM capi
ECONOMIC CHALLENGER  JANUARY-MARCH 2021 ISSUE Farmers'Agitation is 56-day old now demanding repeal of three Agri-Legislations and farmers are adamant in organizing a tractor rally on 26th January on the ring road of Delhi. Farmers are not giving any positive signals for making the ongoing talks fruitful. This is a very perplexing situation for the Indian Government. It is giving bad signals across the world. However, the good thing is that the Indian economy is showing a V-Shaped Recovery in the post-pandemic era. India's Vaccines COVAXIN & COVISHIELD are showing good acceptability among the Indian masses. The first phase of the vaccination will cover almost 3 crore health workers and senior citizens. Many countries in Asia and Africa are demanding supplies of Indian vaccines. In the light of these developments, Economic Challenger has brought out its latest edition with many research topics from India and abroad.


Certain issues need to be immediately answered by the researchers? 1.The new Agri reforms bill will harm the existing mandies and ultimately bring an end to them. 2. Big and resourceful traders will take control of the entire supplies, and nothing will be left for the small farmers to sell their produce substantially elsewhere. 3. Contract farming will be beneficial to small farmers since the small farms can be much more productive than the big-sized farms. 4. Contract framing has been unsuccessful in Iran and America.  In the USA, the productivity of farms has increased not only due to contract farming but is largely due to the huge government assistance to the farmers. 5.Contract farming in the USA has become the cause of UNEMPLOYMENT. The number of farmers and farm workers is dwindling fast due to the heavy mechanization of farms by the contracting corporates. 6.  Contracting farming can be successful only on wasteland. 7. Is the Indian economy witnessing a V-Shaped recovery across


  The Indian economy seems to be advancing towards a V-shape recovery .  Gross GST collection in September 2020 has been    `   95480 crore which is more than 4% in comparison to the collections made in the same month last year. The top 5 states in the GST collection are Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. Exports have increased by 5.27% and imports have decreased by 19.67%. The balance of trade has improved to    `   .21362 crore in the same month. All this augurs well for the Indian economy in the months to come.  In this scenario, Economic Challenger is not left behind in bringing out good research articles hinging around economic performance and policies. The October-December issue reflects it well  below:  


  ARTICLES   Economic Challenger accepts articles from all fields in  social  sciences.  Since this is an international journal, we accept articles from all over the world. Please send articles immediately for the JANUARY-MARCH 2021 issue.