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  Articles are invited for October-December 2023, Volume 26, Issue 101. Please choose your themes and submit them: 1. The Deep-tech Startup Policy in Sectors. 2. Prospects of semiconductor design and component manufacturing in India. 3. Steps to encourage processing and refining critical minerals for achieving net-zero goals. 4. Factors causing a rise in world food prices and inflation. 5. Allowing the exploration of all 12 atomic minerals including helium to the private sector. 6. Impact of the Personal Data Protection Bill 2023. 7. GST on Online Gaming Industry Articles may be mailed to us at by 15 October 2023. First come first served. The processing charge will be as per the rules.   Authors are invited to submit their original research papers, case studies, reviews, and work in progress, within the broad scope of these themes. Foreign authors may send their articles on any other theme important in the context of their country's economy or relevan
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                              ARTICLES INVITED FOR OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2023 ISSUE Articles are invited for October-December 2023, Volume 25, Issue 101.  Please choose your themes from  the following and submit them: 1. The Centre floats Deep-tech Startup Policy having 10 sub-sectors in deep-tech eco-system in areas like 3-D printing, semiconductors, enterprise software, AI, IoT, robotics, and security solutions. Will it add value to the existing Startup India policies? 2. Prospects of semiconductor design and component manufacturing in India. 3. Steps to encourage processing and refining of critical minerals used in lithium-ion batteries aimed at promoting electric vehicles and meeting net-zero goals. 4. Capital investment push should be followed by consumption-driven capacity expansion otherwise the demand will remain weak due to persistent inflation. 5. The government has allowed the private sector to explore all 12 atomic minerals including helium. 6. Normal Monsoon is not enough, the


 JULY- SEPTEMBER 2023  ISSUE Economic Challenger has brought out its latest issue highlighting various research topics in multiple fields. Its contents are on the board for your analysis and comments.

APRIL-JUNE 2023 Economic Challenger

 APRIL-JUNE 2023 Economic Challenger Proud to present the following. Your comments will strengthen our effort.


  JANUARY-MARCH 2023 ISSUE Emphasizing Green Growth as the New Age Reform, India has   invited global leaders to tap this potential in India and invest more and more in this field. Renewable Energy, green fuels , use of waterways, and measures like scrapping of old vehicles are the major thrust areas.  There are three pillars for green growth and energy transmission. Increase the production of renewable energy, reduce the use of fossil fuel, and finally move rapidly towards a gas-based economy in the country. India has to be a leader in the global green energy market and every stakeholder in the energy market must invest in India. Researchers across the globe  are tapping more and more research themes touching interests in economic development  useful for the  coming generations. We welcome articles based on such themes in the upcoming issues :


  ECONOMIC CHALLENGER ISSUE OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2022 The Indian Stock Market BSE index Sensex registered an all-time high of 62412.33 intraday and closed at 62272.68 up 762.10 points or 1.24 % on 24 November 2022. This shows that all the pain points of an imminent recession are no more visible at present. Lower crude oil prices will give a boost to corporate earnings which bodes well for the Indian economy. Markets are slowly rising but steadily. This would attract more foreign funds inflow into the Indian equity market. The economic Challenger in its recent issue has presented several research topics reflecting an all-around acceleration in the Indian economy. A brief look at the topics will certainly gain your attention to read the issue thoroughly.