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Executive Editor: Dr. M M Kothari (

Associate Editor: Manoj Kothari (manoj@economicchallenger)

Consulting Editor
Dr. M K Sinha
Dept of Economics
Nagaland University,
Lumami -798627
Nagaland, India


1. Prof. P Milena Rataczak-Mrozek
 Poznan University of Economics and Business,
 Department of International Marketing,
 al. Niepodleglosci 10,61-875 Poznan'

2. Prof. Nayan Deep S. Kanwal (Dr.)
Chief Executive Editor, Editor-in-chief, Visiting Professor, Author, Reviewer
Consultant and Visiting Professor to various universities in Malaysia, Thailand and the U.S.A.
University Putra Malaysia,
P.O. Box 231, Pej. Pos UPM, Serdang, Malaysia.
+61 402 333 565

3.Sambit Lenka, PhD Assistant,
Professor - Business Administration,
Director of Studies- Business Administration, 
Jonkoping International Business School
P. O. Box 1026551 11, Jonkoping, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 70 5906 205


1. Dr. Rabi N Subudhi
Senior Professor, School of Management,
KIIT University Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

2. Dr. D. Ashok
Professor - Marketing
VIT Business school,
VIT University, Vellore - 632014

3. Dr. Balkrishan V. Sangvikar
Senior Professor
Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA)
Ex. Dean Faculty of Management, SPPU
Savitribai Phule Pune University, (Formerly University of Pune)
Pune, India

4. Dr. Ashir S. Mehta
Professor & Head
Department of Economics
MS University, Baroda

5. Prof.(Dr) Suvasis Saha,
Department of Business Management,
Calcutta University(Alipur Campus),
1, Reformatory Street(6th and 7th Floor),
Mobile: 9433668867, email:

6.Prof. Dr. Jadab Krishna Das,
Professor (Statics), Department of Commerce, Dean(Acting),
Faculty Council for Post-Graduate Studies in
Commerce, Social Welfare & Business Management 
University of Calcutta
87/1, College Street, Kolkata - 700073, India 

7. Dr.S.S.Somra
Head, Department: Economics
Associate Professor
Rajasthan University, JAIPUR


Economic Challenger reframes the editorial board each year based on the contribution by the board member and relevance for them for the year.
Eminent board members can be added any time through the year. 

Members should forward to us well-researched articles on varied fields and should promote the journal to the best of their efforts. 

Kindly follow the emails from the editor for timely inputs and contributions.


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