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 TWO STEPS TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE India has taken two important steps on August 3, 2022, to display its willingness to fight climate change and fulfill its commitments made at COP 26 Glasgow UK held from 12 October to 12 November 2021. One is the  Introduction of the Energy Conservation Bill in the Lok Sabha (Lower Parliament) to amend the already existing Law and the other is Approving NEW Climate Targets and updating NDCs. THE ENERGY CONSERVATION AMENDMENT BILL,2022  The government of India introduced this amendment bill in the parliament with a provision for mandatory minimum use of non-fossil sources including 1)Green hydrogen and Green Ammonia  Biomass and Ethnol for energy and feedstock, 2) setting up carbon trading markets, 3) bringing large residential buildings under energy conservation ambit 4) enhancing the scope of Energy Conservation Building Code; 5) amending penalty provisions; 6) increasing members in the Governing Council of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and 7) empower