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Middle East on the BOIL: A call for a peaceful resolve   The terror attacks by Hamas on 7th October in Israel were not justified because the terrorists killed innocent civilians. Thereafter, the Israeli regime has repeatedly attacked Palestinian civilians in order to protect its sovereignty. Israel's bombing of Gaza should not be a non-stop affair. Iran, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the USA, Russia, China, and India can play a fruitful role in solving the tangle and stopping the situation from bursting into a Third World War. All terrorist groups like Hamas, Hizbullah, and Houthi must be persuaded not to carry out their activities in the area. At the end of the crisis, Israel must resettle all refugees back to their original place in Gazapatti. However, Israel's aim is only to eliminate Terrorist Hamas, and it does not intend to take control of Gaza. India has full sympathy for the suffering of Gaza civilians and will keep sending relief materials there.