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 Please submit articles for the upcoming January-March 2022, Volume 24, Issue 94. Articles may discuss broadly the following themes: 1. Revised versions of the E-commerce Policy as finalized by the Department of Promotion of Industry & International Trade (DPIIT). 2. Delta, Omicron spreading fast heralding the THIRD WAVE of the pandemic in India and the ways to tackle it. 3. India's preparation for the rollover to the 5-G network. 4. Fiscal deficit to be within the target of India's GDP. 5. The story of fast-growing Indian Startups. Your articles may be mailed to us at latest by 31st January 2022. First come first served. No processing charge on the articles of the above topics.  Soft copies of the journal will be provided. While submitting articles please give reference to this post dated 31st December 2021.


  PLEASE EXPLORE THE OCT-DEC 2021 ISSUE, ECONOMIC CHALLENGER, Volume 24, Issue 93: The index below might prompt you to the most exciting articles in the field of your interest.


 There are twin gains for the Indian economy.   July Retail Inflation is at a three-month low of 5.6%. and the Industrial Production has risen 13.9% in June 2021 from a year ago.  The July inflation figures will certainly prompt the Reserve Bank of India not to change interest rates throughout FY 2022. The latest issue of the Economic Challenger has very vibrant topics of research in the forthcoming issue.


 The government announcements on September 15,2021 will certainly take India one step ahead towards attaining the $5 trillion economy goal by the year 2025. (1) PLI Scheme for Auto, Ancillaries & Drones         The Government has approved Rs.26000 crore production linked incentives for Automobile and Ancillary Sectors and Rs.120 crore for drones.  For the Auto sector, this is expected to attract more than Rs.42500 crore in the production of environmentally cleaner electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles over a five-year period.  The incentives are available to both existing automotive companies as well as new investors. Vehicles powered by traditional internal combustion engines, including those running on petrol, diesel, CNG, and ethanol are also eligible for any new-age technologies that they may bring to the automotive ecosystem. This will generate Rs.2,30,000 crore of incremental production and 76000 new jobs.  The PLI scheme for drones will run for three years offering Rs.120