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  ECONOMIC CHALLENGER ISSUE OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2022 The Indian Stock Market BSE index Sensex registered an all-time high of 62412.33 intraday and closed at 62272.68 up 762.10 points or 1.24 % on 24 November 2022. This shows that all the pain points of an imminent recession are no more visible at present. Lower crude oil prices will give a boost to corporate earnings which bodes well for the Indian economy. Markets are slowly rising but steadily. This would attract more foreign funds inflow into the Indian equity market. The economic Challenger in its recent issue has presented several research topics reflecting an all-around acceleration in the Indian economy. A brief look at the topics will certainly gain your attention to read the issue thoroughly.


                                              EDITORIAL OCTOBER  2022 ISSUE                              IMPOSE COST ON COUNTRIES AIDING TERROR India's message to the world on terrorism  is crystal clear. Be it any country - Pakistan, China, or Afghanistan.    Pakistan-based terror groups have been  involved in several terrorist attacks in India.  China continues to block India's efforts to designate Pakistan-based militants as terrorists at the United Nations. Afghanistan is in the grip of the government being run by terrorist groups. Money made from drugs and smuggling is being pumped into terrorism in destabilizing governments in other countries in the name of Islamic Jihad. "All terrorist attacks deserve equal outrage and action. There is no place for an ambiguous approach while dealing with the global threat. It is an attack on humanity, freedom, and civilization. It knows no boundaries. Only a uniform, unified and zero-tolerance approach can defeat terrorism," s