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  ARTICLES INVITED Articles are invited for April-June 2024, volume 26, Issue 103, Please choose your themes and submit your articles. 1. Red Sea Crisis: Shipping costs skyrocket: the way out? 2. Are Farmers Anti-Farming: MSP is nullified by price and crop distortions in the long run. 3. Electoral Bonds Scheme: introduced in 2018 has not achieved the goal of curbing black money.   4. Challenges to fighting inflation remain  in many countries. 5. Seeking peaceful solutions to Ukraine -the Russian and Palestinian-Israel wars should be given the utmost priority over all issues. 6 .  How to avoid plagiarism for good funding proposals:  Resources and tools. 7 . New Criminal Laws passed by the Indian Parliament: Its basic features and drawbacks. 8 . The Green Economy:  Contributing millions of jobs in the country Articles may be mailed to us at  by 10th April 2024. First come first served. The processing charge will be as per the rules.   Authors are invited to