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   We invite articles for April-June 2022, Volume 24, Issue 95. Following themes may be taken up. 1. India's EV Push 2. Post pandemic Revenge Shopping in Malls. 3. Refugee problems due to Ukraine War. 4. Environmental degradation  and the ongoing War. 5. India has all the right ingredients for developing as a manufacturing Hub. 6. Supply disruptions, c rude  price hikes, and inflation. 7. Attaining Population Replacement Rate or TFR   A rticles may be mailed to us at latest by 30th April 2022. First come first served. No processing charge on the articles on the above topics.  Soft copies of the journal will be provided. While submitting articles and to avail free of charge publishing please give reference to this post dated 21 March 2022. Please visit regularly our website 


The pandemic is still reemerging in certain countries yet what we fear is a bigger risk of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia which if not stopped through peaceful negotiations might erupt into a Third World War. This will be a nuclear war devastating the lovely planet totally. No use of taking such harsh step.  When you know you won't exist. Already lots of problems have come up on the economic front.  Rising oil prices, rising inflation, heavy casualties in war-torn nations, and destruction of infrastructure and the ecology. Economic Challenger in its latest issue of Jan-March 2022 has focused on some burning problems on the economic front. We hope its content will certainly impress its readers.