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Issue 68 July -Sep 2015

Issue 68 July -Sep 2015   Wednesday, July 1, 2015, 07:09 AM LEAD ARTICLES 1. A STUDY ON PROSPECTS OF FDI IN INSURANCE AND BANCASSURANCE IN INDIA - P. Srilatha,Dr. Lokanandha Reddy Irala, Dr. K. Martina Rani 2. GREAT BRANDS ARE NOT JUST DIFFERENTIATED. THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE MARKET PLACE - Dr. K. Martina Rani, Prof. Kisholoy Roy, Anurag Basu 3. IMPACT OF FDI IN INDIAN RETAIL AND AGRICULTURE SECTOR - Dr. A. Vinayagamoorthy, Ms. A. Renuka 4. MOTIVATIONAL DETERMINANTS OF FIELD POLICE PERSONNEL IN HYDERABAD & CYBERABAD COMMISSIONERATES - N. Narsimha Reddy, Dr. V.M. Prasad RESEARCH ARTICLES 5. Evaluation of Individual Performance in Ministry of Interior in Jordan According to Perspectives Balanced Scorecard- Dr. Atef Saleh Ahmad Aladwan 6. A Study on Employability of Enhancement Measures on MBA Students In Telagana Region - Dr. Y. Jahangir 7. Economic Exploitation of Tribals in Chhattisgarh -Dr. Mahesh Shrivastava,Ku. Lalita Prajapati 8. Trade Liberalisation and Total Fact

Issue 66 Jan-March 2015

Issue 66 Jan-March 2015   Saturday, March 7, 2015, 10:17 PM Editorial: DON’T REGULATE e-COMMERCE LEAD ARTICLES 1.SWACHH BHARAT CAMPAIGN: MILES TO GO - Mithilesh Kumar Sinha 2.CSR IN INDIA - IS IT MANDATORY OR VOLUNTARY? A BIRD’S EYE VIEW - Dr. D. Ashok & Dr. R.S. Mani 3.SOCIAL MEDIA AND RECRUITMENT: Anand Banda & Dr. Sindhu 4.FINANCIAL INCLUSION TOOLS FOR DIRECT BENEFIT TRANSFER TO THE URBAN POOR: Dr. Chandra Purkayastha RESEARCH ARTICLES 5. E-Retailing in India :A Contemporary Insight - Kisholoy Roy & Rishika Agarwal 6. Indian Retail Service Quality Evaluation : A Structural Equation Modeling Approach - Prof. (Dr.) Biswajit Satpathy, Rema Gopalan & Dr. Sreekumar 7. Retail Sector in India : Issues,Challenges & Opportunities- Dr. Pavnesh Kumar 8.Measuring Shoppers’ Attitude Towards Retail Stores : A Factor Analysis Approach - G. Sankaranarayanan 9. Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures in the Annual Reports : A study on Selected Indian Co

Issue 67 April -June 2015

Issue 67 April -June 2015   Sunday, April 12, 2015, 06:33 AM LEAD CONTENT Editorial: The insurance business gets a new turf in India 1. Determinants of retail banking development in India- M.V. Sivakumaran & Dr. S. Mallikharjuna Rao 2. Organic agriculture: Case-studies from Rajasthan - Trilok Kumar Jain 3.Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on financial performance of the company: A review of ITC Ltd. - CA Hemraj Kumawat 4.Review of selected dimensions of entrepreneurial research - Nithya Gangadhar & B Murali Manohar RESEARCH ARTICLES 5. A comparative study of economic viability of organic and conventional paddy farming - Dr. N. Srinivas Kumar 6. Growth and problems of micro, small and medium scale enterprise (MSME) sector in Tamilnadu - Dr. N Thirunavukarasu 7. HRM Practices in state transport undertakings: A casestudy - Dr. M Vasan 8. Economic Challenges for Women in Hyderabad city: Mrs. Vijaya Sharada Kumari and Dr. V. M. Prasad ARTICLES OF INTEREST 9. An analysi

Issue 65 to Issue 34

Issue 65 Oct-Dec 2014   Friday, November 28, 2014, 03:36 AM * GOODS & SERVICES TAX (GST) WAITING FINALISATION * BUDGET 2014-15: A BIT FOR EVERY ONE AND DUCKING BRONCO OF INDIA’S ECONOMY--Mithilesh Kumar Sinha * ECONOMY IN LIMELIGHT - ONLINE RETAIL CAUSING WORRIES - GOVERNMENT TO REVIVE & SUSTAIN HIGHER GDP GROWTH - E-COMMERCE FIRMS ATTRACTIVE EMPLOYEES FROM BRICK & MORTAR RETAILERS - DEVELOPMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE GOVT’S TOP PRIORITY. - USE OF BIO-DIESEL TO CUT CRUDE IMPORTS - PRIVATISATION OF SICK PSUs ON CARDS * Perceived Outcomes of brand Endorsements : A field study conducted in Kolkata -Kisholoy Roy & Dr. Saumya Singh * Foodgrain off take by beneficiaries of Public Distribution System : A Rural - Urban Study in Odisha -Dr. Jnanaranjan Mohanty * Analytical Evaluation of the extent of customer satisfaction with RAK airways- - Sharad Nair & Dr. Harsh Purohit * Frauds: An Indian Banking Perspective : Geetika Gupta & Ashish Gupta * IS